Goingshow Kuo (Kuo Ying Hsiu) 郭盈秀 — Artist based in Taiwan

Social Experiment Project _ [Inclusion] (BCN, 2013)

Artist: Goingshow Kuo
Title: [Inclusion]
Year: 2013

During a 3—month residency in Barcelona, I created the metaphorical photography project [Inclusion] which articulates “situations” in Taiwan in relation to the world. Travel to this region was a personal turning point as it highlighted the similar challenges of “communities” striving for an independent voice.

Receiving highly credible reviews, [Inclusion] was part of a group exhibition in Estudio Nómada, Barcelona, 2013.

[ Inclusion ] (2013) Video:

『因為離開家,才知道家的形狀』。身處巴塞隆納時,透過作品與場域、人群對話。2013年底,旅居巴塞隆納期間,進行一個攝影錄像計畫-[ Inclusion ],攝影場域為巴塞隆納當地,此攝影之雕塑物件由紙箱、壁紙與油畫筆所形成。此作品用意為形塑台灣居處於世界未明位置。


作品發表於 2013年12月 地點 巴塞隆納 Estudio Nómada 工作室