Goingshow Kuo (Kuo Ying Hsiu) 郭盈秀 — Artist based in Taiwan

Portrait Photography_My Grandma (Taiwan, 2013)

Extended Film Project:
A MA 阿嬤 (2015)

Film Link: https://youtu.be/-RDmLfhi4l4


I visited my grandma (90 years old) stay alone during day time. This is one day we being together, with another nursing assistant who came to grandma’s home every day for one hour. I try to shoot something we treat it as regards. This video tells about the interaction between grandma and i, it shows the influence of Alzheimer’s disease. My past works focus on the social interaction. Because of the disease and disable, my grandma is very lonely. I hope people can notice the problem by my work.

Place: Tainan, Taiwan.

Director: Ying Hsiu Kuo(Goingshow Kuo) 郭盈秀